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Woman beaten up by ex-landlord with rod

Woman beaten up by ex-landlord with rod

Gurugram: A woman identified as Savita Chaudhury was beaten mercilessly by her former landlord named Gajendra with a rod in Gurugram on Tuesday.

The accused has subsequently been arrested by the Gurugram police while the victim has been admitted in the the hospital where she is receiving treatment.

The incident took place in the workplace of Savita located in Pataudi road.

According to the law enforcement officials the reason why Gajendra beat Savita so mercilessly was because he was miffed with her husband on some payment issues.

According to Gurugram Police Savita along with her husband were previously staying as tenants in Gajendra house. After they left certain differences regarding the outstanding charged emanated between Savita's husband and Gajendra.

In order to intimidate Gajendra who knew where Savita was working came to the workplace and began to beat her with the rod.

He also started abusing her husband and repeatedly threatened to kill him. At a time he was beating Savita he was believed to be in the intoxicated state.

Surprisingly all this was done in the full view of the employees at the workplace. One of the employees apparently shot the video and uploaded it in social media that generated more outrage of the entire incident.

"We have arrested the person involved in the incident. He indulged in violence as he was angry over the payment issues. The victim is presently receiving treatment at a Gurugram hospital," said an official from Gurugram police.

Incidents of murderous rage is not a new phenomenon in Gurugram. In the past, there have been several incidents of violence owing to uncontrolled aggression experienced where even women have been targeted.

A large number of cases can be seen in Kherki Dhaula where male commuters in their anger have physically beaten woman toll operators.

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