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With several challenges ahead of her, Gurugram Mayor takes charge

GURUGRAM: A week after councillors elected her as the first woman Mayor of Gurugram, Madhu Azad on Thursday officially took charge of office. Senior Deputy Mayor Pramila Kablana and Deputy Mayor Sunita Yadav also took charge on Friday.
All three woman councillors now have major challenges in front of them, with the deadly pollution level in the Millennium City at the forefront.
The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), which was formed in 2008, has quickly emerged as the richest municipal body in Haryana.
Despite its huge budget however, the civic body has not been able to tackle major challenges like bad quality of internal roads, poor waste segregation system and water woes, which continue to irk the citizens.
Charges of corruption have often been levelled at MCG, especially on the issue of not penalising residential properties that operate as illegal guesthouses.
Environmentalists have also criticised the Corporation of not finding a solution to effectively recycle waste at Bandhwari landfill site, where 1,200 tonnes of waste from Gurugram and Faridabad is dumped daily.
Opened initially for recycling, the waste into generating power and plastic the site has been lying defunct for more than four years.
Despite MCG signing a formal pact with a Chinese company to restart the plant, there is still no clarity on the operation.
Even now, more than 90 trucks are dumping the garbage at the site daily.
The project by the civic body to set up and construction and demolition plat at Basai has also run into legal troubles.

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