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Will Haryana STF curb the terror of Gurugram gangs?

Gurugram: It is official now. A special task force on lines of that formed in Uttar Pradesh will be set up in Haryana with its headquarters in Gurugram.
Specific encounter teams will be created under this team that is expected to take up charge in the second week of January. With more than six dreaded gangs that operated in the city, the success of the special team will be widely anticipated in Gurugram.
It is important to note that even though their heads are lodged up in jail their henchmen continue to carry their nefarious activities. Recently, the Gurugram police arrested three members of Ashok Rathee gang after they had fired gunshots at the cashier of a bakery in order to intimidate for paying Rs 50 lakh as extortion. Interestingly, Rathee is also accused of hiring henchmen from the jail who shot dead his wife in 2016 in Sohna.
Beside the main gangs there are also various small gangs that have ensured law and order challenge in the city. A whopping amount of Rs 12 crore was recovered from the busting of 53 gangs by Gurugram police last year.
Some of these gang members in the process also resulted in exchange of gunshots between the officials and the culprits. Once dependent on encounter specialists, the Gurugram Police now wants to play safe in using their services in dealing with the deadly gangs operating in Gurugram.
For a long time the services of the special men trained solely to kill was a strategy adopted for elimination of dangerous gang leaders of Gurugram. However controversial process involved during encounters, judicial intervention and high costs used for the department for encounter specialists has meant the change in strategy for the Gurugram Police.
Police sources in the Crime Branch maintain that there has been a reduction in the dangers posed by the deadly gangs of Gurugram since most of their leaders have either been eliminated or arrested.
However the sources also conceded that the danger from the gangs and their members has still not fully been removed. Our officials are well trained to deal with criminals who attack us and proper procedures are adopted.
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