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Will ensure Gurugram residents get access to basic amenities: RS Rathee

Will ensure Gurugram residents get access to basic amenities: RS Rathee

Ranbir Singh Rathee (54) began his career as a civil engineer at a time when the private developers had begun to realise the potential of a place that can be transformed into a global metropolis from a small town.

After making his mark as a successful engineer, Rathee got into social activities where his main objective was to provide basic services and amenities to people in his neighborhood areas.

In 2011, Rathee became a part of India against Corruption (IAC) movement and then joined Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) when it was formed in 2012. On September 15 this year, in a huge public meeting, RS Rathee was declared as AAP'S Gurugram candidate.

Speaking to Millennium Post Correspondent Piyush Ohrie, he asserts the importance of working at the grassroots level and understanding the problem faced by the citizens on the ground.

What is your vision for Gurugram?

I want to ensure that each and every resident in Gurugram can avail basic services and amenities, a right that has been denied to them by the previous government. In any great city based on the population census a government is bound to ensure that basic services are given to the residents but what do we see in Gurugram? In comparison to the population basic services like health, education and connectivity are almost negligable in Gurugram.

Your main public hospital today has been shut down; the state of public primary education is in shambles. The state of higher education fares no better with lack of enough classrooms and infrastructure resulting in students sitting on the ground for their studies. In five years the metro connectivity has not been expanded.

What are your challenges fighting these elections and how do you plan to tackle them?

There is no doubt that BJP, Congress has more resources at their disposal. I, on the other hand, know the importance of workers who emerges from the grassroots level. I have been in the field of social activism for over 20 years. I am presently dispensing my duties as a councilor of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) who won from ward -34.

How do you plan to bridge the gap between Old and New Gurugram?

Just a few millimeters of rains are enough for us to realise the state of development in Old Gurugram. The roads get flooded and you just cannot walk. My first priority will be to improve the sewer system. I also want to make sure that the water supply systems are improved in the old parts of the city as residents in Old Gurugram are forced to consume contaminated water.

Why have all the private colonies not being taken over by the MCG?

It was in 2013 when me and my wife who was then the MCG councilor began the process of private colonies being handed over to the MCG for maintenance. We have succeeded in getting five colonies being taken over by the public agencies. We are also exerting pressure for a quicker transfer of other private colonies to MCG. As I stated earlier, a man who works on the ground understands the situation better and tries to get the work done in an effective way.

Unemployment is a big issue that is being raised by your party? Gurugram is an employment generating city? How do you plan to create more jobs from Gurugram?

We are planning to enlarge the IT and service sector in Gurugram. Just imagine there is the only secretariat in Gurugram where hundreds of people are in rush daily to obtain their driving license.

We want a model where these services can be delivered at your doorstep. Social organisation, run by a group of volunteers, has been successfully able to do this by delivering voter ID cards and Aadhar cards to the citizens especially to the elderly persons at their doorstep. This is one way we can increase the number of jobs.

Further, if you enlarge your public services like opening of polyclinics, hospitals and schools, this will also ensure that people get jobs in the city.

Piyush Ohrie

Piyush Ohrie

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