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Wife-son conspired to kill auditor, three held

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police has solved the murder of Anand Singh (43), who was working in the I.A & A.D Department, IP Estate. Deceased's wife Sunita Devi (36), resident of Meethapur, Jaitpur and Rishab (20), resident of Faridabad, have been arrested and the son of deceased (CCL) has been apprehended in the case. One knife used in the offence has been recovered.

The body of Anand Singh was found at Om Nagar, Meethapur, Jaitpur on July 7 on the floor of a room of the said house in a pool of blood with injury marks on his body. There were stab injuries on the back of the deceased.

During further examination, contradictions were found in the versions of the wife and the son of Anand Singh. On sustained questioning, Sunita broke down and confessed her role in the murder. Sunita disclosed that her husband was an alcoholic and he used to ill-treat her and children. Fed up, she along with her son conspired to eliminate Anand Singh, so that they can live peacefully.

They both contacted one Vikas, who lives in their neighborhood and was a friend of the deceased's son. They promised to give Vikas 1.5 lakh rupees, if he helped them to eliminate Anand Singh. Vikas roped in one of his friends namely Rishabh who agreed to the conspiracy to eliminate Anand Singh.

On the fateful evening of July 5, accused Sunita along with her son called Vikas and Rishabh to their house and hid them on the roof of the house. At around 11:30 pm, Anand Singh returned to the house and was under the influence of alcohol.

At around 2:30 am, when everyone was asleep both Sunita and her son went up to the roof and signalled Vikas and Rishabh. They all came down and went to the room where Anand Singh, was fast asleep. There, both Vikas and Rishabh stabbed Anand Singh with knives while Sunita and her son kept guard outside the room to keep watch on other family members.

"Further investigation is in progress and raids are being conducted to arrest the co-accused Vikas," said Chinmoy Biswal, DCP South East.

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