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Wife of retired cop latest victim of braid chopping

Wife of retired cop latest victim of braid chopping
: Another case of braid chopping has been reported from Delhi, but for the first time, a cop's family has been on the receiving end.
The wife of a retired Delhi Police sub-inspector on Saturday claimed that she found her braid chopped off in Dwarka Sector-9 police colony, where she resides with her husband and children.
Jai Narayan, who retired in July this year, said: "I came home after getting my mother discharged from hospital and noticed my wife to be asleep on the bed. I took food from the kitchen and had lunch outside the room. When I went back again, I noticed my wife's braid was chopped off and she complained of a headache."
His wife claimed that she first saw vague figure outside their house and fell asleep because of a headache. After waking up, she noticed her chopped off braid.
Senior police officers reached the spot and took the statements of all those present in the house. However, no trace of any outsider's entry into the house was found.
Having started from Rajasthan, the braid chopping phenomenon spread to Haryana and then reached parts of outer Delhi, where several cases have been reported. This has forced cops to take help of psychologists and have the victims take sessions with counsellors.
The initial cases of braid chopping were reported from south west district in Delhi's Chhawla and later spread to other parts in the outskirts. Most of the victims, all female, are above 45 years of age.
"We have visited the spot and taken the woman's statement and are verifying the facts," said a senior police officer.
However, till date, police have not made any substantial headway in any of the braid chopping cases registered.
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