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'Why are such steps taking place now?' ask Shaheen Bagh protesters on getting picked up by police for investigation

Why are such steps taking place now? ask Shaheen Bagh protesters on getting picked up by police for investigation

New Delhi: While the whole country is fighting with coronavirus pandemic, the organizers and protesters of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests are being reportedly picked up from their residents.

The correspondent spoke to one of the Shaheen Bagh organizers, who wanted to remain anonymous, and said that some police officials were inquiring about him in the area. "Many people including Meeran Haider were picked up. Many of the Shaheen Bagh organizers have also been picked up," he said.

The organizer said that people were sent notices after which they were taken to the local police station. "However, the moment we are taken there we are sent to the crime branch. What I want to know is why now? During the time of coronavirus crisis, why are such steps taking place," he said.

Meanwhile, Arif (name changed) a medical practitioner at a hospital in Jamia Nagar said he had received notice from the police asking him to come to the police station. "I am being told my name has come up in connection with the Jamia Millia Islamia protests. This is nothing but to intimidate us," he told the correspondent.

Arif said that he has nothing to hide and would visit the police station. "I was part of the protest, because I believed the bill was unlawful. Peaceful protesting is my right and I have done nothing wrong. I would visit the police station, but due to the lockdown it is getting difficult," he added.

A lawyer associated with the case, and didn't want to be named told the correspondent; many people have been named in the charge sheet. "There is no concrete evidence, but the police is investigating," said the lawyer.

The police authority was unavailable to comment on the matter.

Nikita Jain

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