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Whopping 3,252 cyber crime cases registered in Ggn last year

Gurugram: If 2015 and 2016 were the years when the law enforcement officials realised the challenges of cyber crime, in 2017 the crimes committed through online medium took even greater proportions.
The series of crimes started with various multinational companies losing vital data and amounts through Ransomware virus ended with the digital medium being used for kidney trade.
With 200 crimes registered on monthly basis there were over 3,252 cases registered in 2017. These were way above the previous figures of 2,402 cases that was filed in 2016.
Like the previous year, 2017 also saw crimes committed in forms of online banking thefts, credit and debit card frauds remained the highest in the city. While in 2016 there were 1,343 of these forms of crimes that were registered at the cyber crime branch this year the data was recorded at 1,848 cases.
"As the digital medium continues to be a new one for many people, they can be easily fooled by the criminals and be robbed. Most of the online theft cases happen through a sales or a service call where cyber criminals through the course of the conversation are able to get your account numbers and carry the thefts. These criminals have now made a move towards online payment mediums where they are able to get your one time passwords (OTP)," said an official of the Cyber Branch.
The spread of this crime was further highlighted after the Cyber Branch of Gurugram police busted two call centres in Delhi on two separate occasions. These call centres used to employ boys and girls they called the customers and take their vital financial information that could then be exploited. Millions of citizens were also looted in form of ponzi schemes. In February this year, the Gurugram police busted a Ponzi scheme by arresting four people in connection with the cyber fraud.
According to Gurugram police officials, the online company named Profit Network has duped about 4,800 people and committed a fraud of Rs. 8 crore. It was not just the common citizens but even digital companies fell prey to these forms of crimes. In September, digital wallet company MobiKwick registered a complaint with Gurugram police of Rs 19.61 crore being deducted from its account in the duration of three months. In what can be added more difficulties to the citizens and officials the medium was not only used for causing financial losses but also as a tool for crimes against women.
The year 2017 has witnessed a sharp increase in crimes against women in forms of molestation, stalking and physical assault. In a worrying trend this upward trend is witnessed not only on city streets but also through digital means.
The number of complaints relating to sexual harassment of women through the online medium have risen over 40 per cent compared to the previous year.
While in 2016 there were over 200 such cases that was registered by the cyber crime police, in 2017 there have been already more than 350 cases that have come to fore.
There is no doubt that as the nation is progressing digitally criminals are taking to this route to carry out their nefarious acts.
Today, practically every citizen has a smartphone and therefore it has become easy for everyone with wrong intent to be a part of this crime," said a senior police official from Gurugram police.
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