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When 'Nana' saw the 'Curfew baby'

When Nana saw the Curfew baby

New Delhi: Shahana was admitted to Delhi's Lok Nayak Hospital after she started having the labour pain.

Her husband Shadab and her mother in law were by her side as the lockdown did not permit other relatives to gather at the hospital. She was expecting the baby on Wednesday.

As the time approached, the most anxious person was Shahana's 71-year-old father Mohammad Iqbal who runs a small grocery store in Jamia Nagar's Okhla Vihar.

However, because of the curfew he could not visit the hospital to be at the side of his daughter.

"I am 71-year-old, at this age I can't risk going out without a curfew or movement pass with police barricading all around. By the time I complete the formalities the child would be born," Mohd Iqbal burst into tears of helplessness.

On Wednesday night , at around 11 pm , Shahana gave birth to a sweet healthy baby girl. With her husband and mother in law by her side, Shahana wished her father was with her too at this moment of happiness.

"My mother died when I was 10 years old, all I know about a family is through my father. He has been both mother and father to me. I wish he was here and saw his grand daughter in person" Shahana said.

Shahana married Shadab in November 2018. This was the couple's first child.

"With all shops closed, we could not even arrange for sweets for celebration. The gathering isn't allowed either because or Coronavirus lockdown," Shadab said, who resides in Ballimaran and has a small business of artificial flowers.

Mohd Iqbal was informed on phone that he has become the grandfather (Nana) but since he was carrying a non smart phone, neither a

photo of his grand daughter could reach him nor he could go to see the child to the hospital.

It was then a customer came to his shop on Thursday morning and coincidently Shahana called her father on his cell at the same time.

"Mai Nana ban gaya hu, kya app ke number par ek Watsapp call ho jayegi," (I have become grandfather , can a watsapp video call be made om your number) Mohd Iqbal asked the customer who obliged.

The number of the customer was given to Shahana who was at the hospital bed with the baby girl by her side. The wattsapp video call was made and the moment Mohd Iqbal saw his grand daughter he burst into tears.

"Don't cry Abba, this is a moment of happiness," Shahana said as she cuddled the baby.

"These are tears of Happiness, my grand daughter is so cute by the mercy of God," Mohd Iqbal said, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

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