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Water supply hit in Gurugram ahead of peak summer

Gurugram: Intense summer heat may be yet to peak in Gurugram but shortage of water has already hit various parts of Gurugram. A major challenge for the Gurugram authorities however remains of not only providing adequate supply but also clean drinking water.
Impure drinking water and presence of large amount of minerals in the ground water reserves seems to be a major concern in districts of South Haryana. The worse impact of this is being felt in the Mewat region where it is believed that large number of cancer cases that is being reported is due to consumption of contaminated water. This issue was recently raised in the budget session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha. Speaking on the issue the Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar advocated the formation of committee of Southern Haryana districts led by Gurugram and Faridabad to deal with the challenge. Water borne diseases also affected Gurugram last year as the city reeled under Diahorrea epidemic.
Medical experts highlight Over 30 percent of the Diahorrea cases in the city were e due to consumption of contaminated food and water. Worryingly, there were large number of minors and infants that were affected by the disease. The seriousness of the situation came to fore when on a on a single day there were more than 20 patients from Om Vihar suffering from Diahorrea registered themselves for treatment in the Civil hospital.
Many residents especially in the old Gurugram area have registered their complaints with supply of unclean water.
The increase in the number of Diahorrea cases had prompted the district health department to collect the water samples from thirteen prominent areas in the city. Shockingly out of the seventy five water samples collected forty failed the test while the rest have been marked as suspect. Last year also it was observed that supply of drinking water to 174 areas in the city was unfit for drinking.
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