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Water supply crisis hits several areas of Gurugram amid searing heatwave

Water supply crisis hits several areas of Gurugram amid searing heatwave

Gurugram: Amid blazing summer heat of Gurugram, several residents have once again begun to face inconveniences of water supply shortages that are being reported from several parts of the city.

Most of the residents from sectors of New Gurugram area, Sushant Lok, DLF, Palam Vihar have shared grievances about how they have begun to get less supply of water. In addition to poor upgradation of infrastructure, residents highlight that water supply woes get increased further with a lot of builders that are undertaking large scale construction activities drawing more water for their construction works.

For a city which is still largely dependent on its ground water, often summer months result in several residents complaining of water supply shortages being faced by them. With extreme summer this time setting in much earlier than expected residents fear that their water supply woes may persist for a longer time.

Not able to get enough water for fulfilment of their needs, many residents under compulsion are dependent on water tankers that continue to take huge advantage monetarily from this entire situation. In several new sectors of Gurugram where the builders did not develop infrastructure for water supply residents continue to be at the mercy of water tankers. Water supply shortages in several areas of Gurugram has ensured that business of water tankers continue to eb in high demand even during months when large numbers of Gurugram residents were under lockdown.

Fearing that water supply shortages will only increase in coming days, several residents are also urging the builders to lessen their construction

activities so that less water

can be used.

"Summers are challenging for us as we face a lot of difficulties in getting regular water supply. With extreme summers setting in much earlier this time we are fearing that situation will be more challenging this time," said Praveen Aggarwal, a resident of Sushant Lok.

In the past especially during summer months, the Gurugram District Administration has taken short term measures of preventing people from wasting excess water by washing their cars from water pipes.

According to official data the groundwater situation in Gurugram continues to deplete with every passing year. In 2021 the groundwater had dipped below 36.21 metres. In 2019 it was 35.85 meters and 33.23 meters in 2018. To just get a sense of how much depletion of groundwater there has been in Gurugram is from the fact that in 2006 the ground water levels were at 19.85 meters.

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