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Wastage of water leads to escalation of water scarcity in Gurugram

Wastage of water leads to escalation of water scarcity in Gurugram

Gurugram: If you are a resident of Gurugram which off late is getting a low supply of water or worse getting no water you may not be alone. The extreme summer months have again caused misery to over two million residents of the city in terms of water supply.

According to an official survey, an average Gurugram resident consumes roughly about 250 litres of water of water every day. In all the overall requirement of the city is 350 MGD daily. The two water boosting stations at Basai and Chandu Budhera produces over 450 MGD of water that should have been enough yet 45,000 households are either not receiving water supply or getting contaminated water. Water Department officials cited that water being wasted through leakage of pipes, incessant wastage of water and the stronghold of tanker mafia is resulting in the water crisis escalating in the city with every passing year. Thousands of litres of water is wasted due to the leakage and breaking of the pipe most of which were laid 30 or 40 years ago.

Moreover, host of construction activities that have been occurring in Gurugram have also resulted in the pipes being broken on regular resulting in wastage of water.

Despite the public officials claiming that actions are being initiated against the persons who are illegally extracting water according to the officials there are 15,600 illegal borewells that are present in the city.

What makes the matter worse is that large parts of new sectors in New Gururgam are not receiving piped water supply and are extracting water from the ground that is depleting the groundwater levels. Despite assurances given by the Gurugram metropolitan development authority (GMDA), the deadline is not being met due to various challenges. The families in the sectors are getting their water supply from tube wells and tankers. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram recently put a challan on Indian Cricket captainViratohli after it found that drinking water was used for washing the cars.

To curb the practice of extravagant use and wastage of water and to meet the increasing demand apropos the supply and consumption, a person or institution found wasting water by way of car washing, overflowing wilfully and negligently misusing/wasting of water, will be put under the ambit of action mentioned under Section 180 and 181 of Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994.

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has promised to complete work on laying pipelines in the coming months, covering most of the new sectors between 58 and 115. However, the work in sectors 68-90 is still stuck due to hurdles related to land acquisition.

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