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'Was drugged, hung upside down, beaten mercilessly'

GURUGRAM: No one can realise the value of freedom at the present moment than Ashok's family who two months ago lived on hope that their family member will one day be set free. Though he has not been cleared of the charges but after 75 days in Bhondsi jail the 42-year-old was released on Wednesday evening. Yet, more than relief, there was nervousness, anxiety and paleness that was palpable on his face.
Suffering from illness, Ashok has become frail and is presently bed ridden recuperating from his ailment. Though advised not to divulge much of detail by the counsel, he however mentioned the horror he had gone through while being in the prison.
Explaining of the third degree torture meted out to him, the bus conductor affirmed that he was given sedative injections, electrocuted and hung upside down and beaten by the police. All this was done so that he can confess that he had murdered Pradyuman.
The victim, however, could not reveal the identity of the police officials who were involved in torturing him. He also mentioned that he was asked by the school management to lift Pradyuman and take him towards the van which thereby resulted in his shirt being soaked with his blood. "I was given injections and beaten by the police on regular basis. I was also told that if I own up to the crime, I will be given less quantum of punishment. Ultimately I want justice to be done to Pradyuman," said Ashok.
Gurugram Police Commissioner, Sandeep Khirwar who on Thursday attended an event on cyber security event initially refused to comment on the matter but later said that guilty police officials in the case will be penalised. It is important to note that initially Ashok had confessed to his crime and had claimed that he killed Pradyuman in state of panic after he was unable to sexually assault him. After his confession the lawyers of Sohna and Gurugram had refused to fight his case.
However, things began to change when Mohit Verma, a lawyer decided to represent Ashok. After confessing to his crime, Ashok later retracted from his confession in the court.

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