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Vocational training crucial for out of school girls to combat abuse: NCPCR

New Delhi: After finding that human trafficking and child marriage are harmful to girls' health which violate their rights, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) emphasised on vocational training for the out of school girls so that they can live a dignified life.
Official from NCPCR told Millennium Post that the apex child rights body in their detailed study has found that out of school girls are most vulnerable to human trafficking, child marriage or any other form of abuse and without proper education or vocational skills they did not have any way to get job in the future. "Sometimes the family members of the girls think that they should be married even as they are minor," said the official.
The outcome of the investigation and the study on out of school girls they recently held a meeting with the ministry and also the concerned stakeholders including NGOs working in the field and discussed the plan of giving them vocational courses through which they can lead a good life.
Priyank Kanoongo, NCPCR Member, asserted that without any vocational skill or proper education, the life could be tough for the out of school girls aged 15-18 years as they also may have to face abuse. "We have asked stakeholders to provide them with the basic vocational training so that they can lead a dignified life and gets all-around development," said Priyank, member NCPCR.
Sources claimed that several girls are caught in powerful nexuses of traffickers and agents, are missing, and end up being victims of sexual assault; trafficking for sex work or for employment, labour and in particular, domestic help begging. All of them fight lonely battles every day in their lives to get out of exploitation. Some are lucky and win, but most of them lose resulting in their ill health, depression, loneliness, loss of selfhood, fractured psyche and even death.
In lndia, though child marriages are showing a declining trend, but the number of child marriages still remain high. The National Health Survey 4 indicates that around 47.4 percentage of the women in the age group of 20-24 years were married before attaining 18 years.

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