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Virat Kohli fined for using drinking water to wash cars

Gurugram: The Gurugram municipal corporation has issued a Challan at Indian cricket Virat Kohli's name with Rs 500 for overusing & wasting water while washing the car. Challan was handed over to domestic helper Deepak.

Virat Kohli's neighbours complained that more than a dozen cars are parked in Kohli's home and a thousand litres of water is wasted in washing them. On Complain Nagar, Nigam's JE Aman Phogat said around 10 more Challan have been issued over wastage of water.

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has announced action against those who are found wasting water.

Officials said in an attempt to stop people from wasting water, the department has decided to levy fines on violators.

For residential units, the maximum limit for the fine would be Rs 1,000, while for commercial units it will be Rs 5,000.

When asked as to what would they consider as water wastage, an official said, "Wasting water while washing cars, turning a blind eye to overflowing of water, misusing water for gardening among others, are a few of the categories that the department would consider while taking action."

In residential units, a defaulter will be charged Rs 500 for the first time and Rs 1,000 if he repeats it.

The MCG has delegated the squads, who are handling regulation of plastic use, defacement of public property and regulation of street vendors in their respective jurisdiction, to check water wastage too.

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