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Viral, pneumonia add to woes

Gurugram: It is not only vector diseases like dengue and malaria but residents of Gurugram now also have to guard themselves against viral and pneumonia. The change of season is now resulting in spike of these diseases. Long queues of patients can be seen at the government and private hospitals suffering from these ailments. According to the district hospital authorities, more than 900 cases of patients suffering from viral came for treatment on Friday.
Receiving large number of patients at this time is not a coincident for doctors. Yet what makes it a challenge for medical experts is large number of respiratory ailments due to bad air quality that is adding to the complications. A large number of children is being treated for pneumonia and other forms of respiratory ailments.
"We do get a high number of patients getting affected by flu and infections caused due to winter conditions. Elderly patients and infants due to weak immune system are most vulnerable. Patients who suffer from complications of diabetes, high blood pressure also need to be careful in these conditions," said Dr Pradeep Sharma. "High pollution levels in the city have also been extremely harmful to the health of the residents in the city. Large number of patients who come to the hospital complaining of the complications caused due to high pollution levels prevailing in the city," he added.
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