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Vehicular pollution continues to choke Gurugram residents

Vehicular pollution continues to choke Gurugram residents
GURUGRAM: After the four-day long Diwali break, heavy traffic was seen on the major roads of Gurugram on Monday.
Huge presence of vehicles resulted in deterioration of air quality in the city, with residents again forced to breathe poisonous air.
Levels of particulate matter less than 2.5 microns – the prolonged exposure of which can impair lungs – were recorded between 160-180 micrograms per cubic metres, much more than the safety levels of 60.
Presence of other harmful substances, like PM10, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide were also strong.
Even though Gurugram recorded one of the lowest levels of air pollution among all areas of the National Capital Region, the air quality index was still at hazardous levels with PM2.5 at 350-410.
Fewer firecrackers being burst after October 19, along with low vehicular traffic resulted in city, caused the city to have healthier air levels during pre-Diwali days.
The district administration has already announced that under the graded response action plan, they may implement emergency measures in terms of crisis.
The challenges, however, for them are heightened because of inadequate infrastructure.
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