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Vector-borne cases: 3 of 10 suffer from malaria in city

Vector-borne cases: 3 of 10 suffer from malaria in city
Three out of 10 persons, suffered from vector-borne diseases, were affected by malaria this year in Delhi, the data compiled by the Department of Health and Family Welfare noted.
According to the report, vector borne diseases were recorded in nearly 1,000 cases till July 16. Among 1,000 cases, malaria recorded highest, following Chikungunya and Dengue. Total number of cases suffering from Swine Flue is also high.
The report noted that nearly 305 people were affected by malaria in the National Capital Region (NCR). From Delhi alone, 128 malaria cases were recorded and the number is 177 from the other parts of the NCR.
"There is no report of casualties by malaria and everyone received proper treatment," said Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain. He also said that the total number of cases in Delhi are much less as compared to the all India record. More than 2.5 lakh cases of malaria were registered from all over India.
The number of Dengue affected people in the region is 180 this year till July. Nearly 98 cases of Dengue were reported from the Delhi and 82 cases from the other parts, the data concluded. Whereas, the all India number is nearly 23,000.
According to the report by the govt, the total number of people affected by Chikungunya is 195 in the Capital. Nearly 120 cases of Chikungunya were recorded from Delhi and the number is 195 for the other places.
The report also mentioned that the all India total in Chikungunya this year is nearly 15,500.
Significantly the number showed that Delhi is in a better position in terms of Swine Flue or H1-N1 disease. Nearly 320 cases of Swine Flue were recorded in Delhi this year. Among these people, two casualties were reported.
The death percentage in Delhi was 0.63% as per the report. Significantly, nearly 23% deaths were recorded in Gujarat due to Swine Flue, followed by Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Talking about the government's preparation to tackle Swine Flue, Jain said, "We are prepared to combat the disease. Delhi has stock of enough medicines against H1-N1 for two months." Adding to this, he assured that already more stocks have been planned.
However, the Government has started putting up advertisement for public awareness in the metro, buses, newspapers and FMs to combat the vector borne diseases.
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