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Unregistered cabs, autos a safety hazard

Unregistered cabs, autos a safety hazard

Gurugram: The dangers of unregistered cabs and autos plying in Gurugram continues. In the span of twenty days, there have been five incidents of robbery in the cabs. Among the victims also include an employee from Google who was robbed of more than Rs 30,000. Crimes in the cabs and autos range from robberies to attempt of rape and even murder but their popularity remains due to shortage of public transportation system in the city.

Even as there is a strict law against the movement of illegal vehicles in the city, lack of effective public transportation system has resulted in most of the commuters being dependent on these modes of transportation.

Further, many of these modes of public transportation charge a much reasonable rate from the commute as compared to other means of transportation.

A large number of these vehicles can be seen moving in areas along National Highway-8, Manesar, Gurugram- Faridabad road, Golf course road and MG road and Sohna road. While the autos are still the most popular form of public transport for movement of commuters within the city, the cabs are preferred for commuting to Faridabad, Noida and Delhi.

Last year, more than 20,000 autos went off the city roads after a massive crackdown by the Gurugram Police on the autos operating without legal permits. Later, after negotiations, the services resumed.

The Gurugram Police also claims that strict action is also being taken against illegal cabs. If caught, these vehicles need to pay a fine Rs 2,000 as per law, however, there are reports of most of the drivers also getting away by paying a bribe of Rs 100-300 to the police official.

Most of the cabs provide transportation services in city to MNCs, BPOs and even individual owners.

The need to earn a quick buck from the commuters has resulted in most of the drivers allowing the vehicles to also provide cab services to commuters. On their part, most of the drivers claim that they are being harassed by the police and public officials

Lack of providing correct information, usage of black tinted glasses and usage of wrong number plates are some of the major complaints registered against these vehicles

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