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Unregistered anti-pregnancy kits recovered from sealed medical stores in Gurugram

Gurugram: After more than a year, the drugs department under the direction of the health minister conducted raids at various medical stores around Gurugram. Besides drug, the officials have also found a huge haul of unregistered anti-pregnancy kits which were being sold at an exorbitant margin.

It is now being ascertained by the officials that were these kits also being used to abort the female foetus. It is important to note that despite stringent measures that have been implemented by public authorities, patients still frequent the illegal clinics to abort the girl child.

For a district that has registered dismal figures in the previous year's, this can also be considered as a major boost to the effort of public agencies to improve the situation.

Even though Gurugram is the richest district in Haryana, it is a laggard in not having enough population of women as compared to men despite showing considerable improvement in the sex ratio.

"The shops we had sealed were found to be distributing these kits illegally. Investigations are underway for what purpose were these kits being sold. If required, we will be conducting more raids so that the unscrupulous people do not play with the health of the citizens coming to these shops with a lot of faith," said an official from Food and Drugs department of Gururgam

The raids by the Food and the Drug administration revealed a dangerous trend of how drug peddlers are now using the route of quacks and unlicensed medical shops to sell the psychotropic drugs. Large amounts of drugs namely Diphenoxylate and Tramadol that are used as opioid substances and Nitrazepam and Pitocin that are used as muscle relaxants were seized from the shops. Other substances that are abused include Alprax, Diazepam. Corex is some of the other drugs that mostly abused by the patients.

Senior officials are now zeroing in on more such shops that may be selling the drugs. Their task is difficult as large number of unregistered clinics and medical shops have sprouted in and around Gurugram.

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