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Underpass barricade collapses after vehicle crashes into it

Underpass barricade collapses after vehicle crashes into it

Gurugram: Three vehicles were damaged, two people injured and one of them in critical state after an underpass barricade at the Golf Course road collapsed when a car crashed into it. The incident occured on Sunday afternoon when a SUV, in order to race ahead of the moving tractor, tried to overtake it. However, it lost control and crashed into the barricade leading it to collapse.

Not only the driver in the SUV was injured but also the tractor diver sustained serious injuries and is said to be in a critical state. The barricade that has been placed at the Golf Course road expressway was to prevent the entry of heavy vehicles around the area. This is not for the first time when the presence of barricades at Golf Course road has resulted in a tragic accident.

Earlier in August, a female engineer in Google along with her male friend, who was a marketing executive in Royal Enfield, was killed after their bike crashed into a divider at around the same area. The deceased were identified as Kevin Martin and Anvita Kant. At the time of the crash, the bike was being driven at a speed of 150 kilometres per hour.

At the Genpact Chowk, the driver eventually lost control and hit the barricade. Such the impact of the crash that while Kevin fell at a distance of 25 feet, Anvita fell to 50 feet.

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