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Two years on, workers in Ggn still prefer cash payment over digital

Two years on, workers in Ggn still prefer cash payment over digital

New Delhi: Two years after the demonetization, cash is still the preferred form of transaction among the city's menial force. Most of the labourers who congregate at the Bristol Chowk mention that how transactions in cash are still being preferred by them due to their lack of knowledge in digital transactions and the security which they feel in having cash in hand.

Most of the workers also claim that even though they have installed certain payment, Apps they rarely use them as their service concerns are not being addressed

What was believed to be the process of reforming the process has turned back to square one with most of the workers claiming that there has not been much of change in the working conditions.

The labourers further added that even though they realize that they may be cheated by the contractors on the pretext of paying them less, they do not have enough choices.

According to the labourers, the adverse effects of lower earnings is not only being faced by them but also their families back home who are dependent upon their income. Citing some more difficulties, the labourers add that there are also situations where they are deliberately being given the old notes by the contractors.

Presently working in a condominium society in the posh Golf Course road, Panna Lal from Satna Madhya Pradesh said, "I still prefer getting paid by the cash as I do not know what will I be cheated in using digital transactions or not. Even though there were

assurances that were given that we will be trained by using digital transaction it did not happen."

Lal further added," Normally I work for around four months, accrue a certain amount and go back to my village. I have a large family and income earned here in Gurugram help us to sustain. At present, I fear that there will not be enough income that will be saved for, my family."

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