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Two sisters die after consuming poison in North West Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Thursday said that two sisters died after they consumed poison in North West Delhi's Wazirpur Industrial area. The law enforcement agency claimed that before consuming the substance, both the sisters had a quarrel.

According to police, both the sisters had a quarrel and younger sister was first to consume the poison. After the family members noticed her health was deteriorating, she was admitted to Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital on April 28 at 4.20pm.

Few hours after the incident of her younger sister, the elder sister also consumed poison.

This time, the family members again noticed bad condition of the elder sister and rushed her to the hospital. She was admitted to the same hospital at 7.37pm.

"Both the deceased were married in the same house," police said. On 28 April, a quarrel took place between both the sisters. After which they consumed the harmful substance. Later, the cops were informed about the incident.

Police further said that the marriage of younger sister was less than seven years hence SDM was informed and family did not allege any matrimonial dispute.

"Younger sister died on April 29 and her postmortem was conducted on the same day. The elder one was expired on April 30. A slight dispute arises between the families which were amicably sorted out," police said.

The investigation in the case is going on to know the reason behind the dispute between the sister. This is not the first time that after the quarrel ended in taking the extreme step.

Last year, a 34-year-old doctor allegedly died after jumping off from the fourth floor of his apartment in South Delhi's Hauz Khas.

On the day of the incident, the victim picked up a quarrel with his wife over some trivial issue.

In another case, in March 2018 a 35-year-old man committed suicide with his wife and minor daughter at his residence in South East Delhi's Govindpuri area. The husband committed suicide by consuming poison and administering poison to his wife and six-year-old daughter who also died.

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