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Two detained for thrashing two teenagers in Shahabad

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police on Sunday detained two main suspects who were involved in the beating up and also stripping of two youth in Shahabad area earlier this week.
Police sources claimed they have identified more accused and the investigation is going on.
They added that they have identified all the accused persons with the help of the mobile video made of the victims and will likely to make arrests soon.
According to police, the suspects were neighbours of the victims and had earlier tried to implicate them for theft in the neighbourhood.
A senior police official said that the main accused is the man who was seen threatening one of the boys with paper foil and had reportedly tried to sodomise the victims.
A few juveniles were also involved in the act. The whole incident was recorded and the video went viral.
One of the victims stated that he saw more than 15 men beating him and was shouting that he will be killed.
"I was sitting when the group of men came and took me to a place where they started beating me. One of them threw chili powder on me and the other threw hot water on them," said the victim.
He further added that he knew most of the accused, as they had an argument with them in the past.
The video, shot on a mobile phone, shows the teenage victims being kicked by the men on a terrace at the Holambi Kalan village.
The men also poured petrol on one of the youth to intimidate him.
Police said that they got to know about the incident from hospital authorities when the victims had gone for treatment.
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