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Trio on bike thrashes two men who objected to rash driving

NEW DELHI: Two Muslim clerics were thrashed and allegedly forced to say "Jai Sree Ram" by three men on bike after the clerics objected to their rash way of driving in Bawana district of Rohini.
The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday when a Maulana Irshad Rahmani was crossing the road.
At that point of time, three men on their motorcycles crossed by him.
"Since they almost bumped into me, I waved at them and I just asked them to go slow and drive carefully. They looked at me and went. I thought the matter was over.
"However, as I stepped ahead they returned and caught me near a lane. Before I could understand anything they started beating me up," said Maulana Irshad, who still has injury marks all over his face.
According to Irshad, his trauma was far from over. He further stated that one more Maulana who was nearby was also beaten up by the three men.
"They called my name and asked me to chant 'Jai Sree Ram', Irshad said.
When Millennium Post contacted police in this matter, the cops said that they have identified the men but they have still not been arrested.
"We have registered a case under 323 and 341 sections of IPC. We are looking for the accused who are absconding. However, there was no caste related issue involved in the episode," said DCP Rohini Rajneesh Gupta.
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