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Trial of building roads using plastic begins in Ggn

Trial of building roads using plastic begins in Ggn

Gururgam: Among the metro cities in India, Gurugram may not boast of being the pioneer in building the roads using plastic. Yet, having initiated the step in the Millennium city may just prove to set an example for most of the other metros in the country to effectively use plastic.

On Wednesday, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram began the process of using plastic waste for the construction of the road at Sector-51. Most of the engineers along with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram Chief Yashpal Yadav were present at the event.

"Not only Gurugram but all the cities in the world are facing the challenge of disposing the plastic waste. We are the beginners but we hope that we can lead the way in effectively utilising the plastic in the construction of the roads. I have been made aware of the benefits of using plastic which is mixed with Bitumen in the laying of the road. It is not only more cost effective but also the roads, that are set up using the plastic waste, requires less maintenance," said Yashpal Yadav.

The MCG has now earmarked the budget to purchase the plastic from the rag pickers. It is planned that over 25 centres will be set up in various parts of the city where the waste collectors can come and sell the plastic waste to the officials. The municipal body is also arranging meetings with various resident bodies to compost the waste and reduce the large amount of waste that is generated from the city. Presently, the garbage from Gurugram as well as Faridabad is being dumped at the 30 acres landfill site which is situated at the Aravallis forest range.

Under the process of composting, the resident bodies have been explained to keep two separate bins of red colour and green colour for segregation of the waste.

The green bin will contain all the bio-degradable waste products like kitchen waste, food waste, and horticulture waste.

The red bin will contain non-biodegradable waste and recyclable dry waste products like paper, bulb, tube lights, plastic, glass and wooden materials.

The materials are then processed to make various biodegradable materials like manure, utensils and bags.

With the decomposition of plastic waste also being a major issue some of the residents have also taken up in recycling the plastic waste which is in the initial stages.

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