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Traffic cops not authorised to check GST, clarify Delhi police

Taking strict actions against the corrupt traffic personnel, Delhi Police has suspended five traffic policemen for malpractice under the garb of GST checking.

Traffic cops not authorised to check GST, clarify Delhi police
The Delhi Traffic Police are not authorised to check GST of transport vehicles or commercial vans, the cops said on Thursday and have even asked the citizens to report if any of the traffic policemen tries to fleece money in the pretext of checking GST.
While speaking to mediapersons, Narendra Singh Bundela, who is presently looking after the Joint CP Traffic charge on Thursday clarified that strict action would be taken against those traffic cops who are found to be indulging in corrupt practices in the name of GST.
"I want to make it quite clear to general public that if any traffic policeman is found checking GST and trying to extract money, immediately report to our WhatsApp number 8750871493. We will immediately act against the errant cop," said Bundela.
The clarification came after reports emerged that some traffic policemen were stopping commercial vehicles and asking for the GST clearance slip.
If the owner failed to provide the slip, the cops allegedly scared them and tried to extract money.
"The Commissioner of Police and the Special CP traffic have issued strict warning to those indulged in these practices. They will not be spared," the officer said.
The Delhi Police has also suspended five traffic policemen for indulging in corrupt practices and the complaints against them.
Among the suspended is one assistant Sub-Inspector, one head constabe and three other constables.
All of them were posted in west Delhi area. A departmental inquiry is initiated against them.
"We have directed the Additional CP trafic and DCPs of the area in the ranges to take rounds and keep a close watch on such practices that bring disgrace to the police force," said the officer.
"There shouldnt be any confusion. Delhi police has nothing to do with GT receipts. Just like the traffic police local police too cannot check GST receipts," said Delhi Police spokesperson Madhur Verma.
The Delhi Traffic Police has also formed their own mobile teams to check such corrupt practices at the lower levels.
In the survelliance, the squad has found that some malpractices under the garb of GST checking were observed and soon the mater was brought in the notice of senior police officers.
The senior officers then immediately were directed to inform public that no traffic cop is authorised to check GST.
Moreover, the traffic police have zero tolerance for the corrupt traffic personnel, the cops have also asked general public to call on 011-25854444 or sms on 56767 if they come across any such malpractice.
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