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'Traders, minority votes can play major role in Delhi'

NEW DELHI: The result of 2019 Lok Sabha election in Delhi will depend on various factors like Muslim vote, traders vote, minority vote and also the upper caste vote, said the sources in all the three political parties. While the AAP would look for a shift in traders vote the Congress will look for minority vote shift. The BJP, however, has a major upper-class vote in Delhi and also traders vote.

On the one hand, Delhi has upmarket residential colonies such as Nizamuddin East, parts of New Delhi constituency and South Delhi constituency. On the other hand, the unauthorised resettlement areas and slum clusters such as Trilokpuri, Kalyanpuri, Rithala, Muzaffarabad are inhabited by migrants. The constituency also has a sizable Muslim population, most of whom are migrants from Uttar Pradesh.

Delhi has many wholesale markets, these an integral part of this constituency. What greets you first here is the stench from open drains and the sight of congested lanes. Voters here are mainly from the trading class, and despite personal political leanings, issues like GST implementation and demonetisation resonate among shop owners.

According to the leader sealing issue would be one of the determining factors in this lection as it has affected the trader communities in Delhi.

"Traders were not happy in Delhi and historically they have always voted for the BJP. This time if AAP gets the vote of the traders that might be a game-changing factor," said an AAP leader.

On the other hand, the Muslim vote share would also play a big role in Delhi. Muslims have nearly 13 per cent vote share in the city. Traditionally the Muslims have always voted for the Congress party but later the AAP got huge Muslim support.

However, after election Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that this time just before the polls the Muslim votes were transferred to the Congress. "We do not do communal politics. Muslim in Delhi and all over India are supporting the Congress party because they have realised that we can provide the security to them," said a senior Congress leader.

Lastly, the leaders of the parties believe that in this election cast vote would also become an important factor in Delhi.

"Delhi never votes on the basis of castes or religion but this time due to the all India situation the things have changed," said a leader.

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