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To pay for their drug fix, junkie duo stole high-end motorcycles

To pay for their drug fix, junkie duo stole high-end motorcycles
NEW DELHI: To fuel their drug addictions, two youth first resorted to snatching. However, they soon turned to stealing high-end motorcycles, not just to evade police but to impress women as well.
The duo of Rahul and Anil was successful for a while, but their joy ride ended on Tuesday, after the Special Staff of South West Delhi police arrested them.
After Delhi Police noticed a spate of gold chain snatchings by criminals on high-end motorcycles in the district, a Special Staff team led by Sub-inspector Naveen Kumar was tasked to identify and nab the culprits.
Dossiers of numerous criminals with similar modus operandi were analysed. Within days, Rahul and Anil were arrested from Kakrola Moda.
DCP (South West) Shibhesh Singh on Wednesday said that the accused Rahul's father was a dentist.
As a result, he was used to get a good amount of pocket money, but he fell in bad company and started spending the money on drugs.
Over time, Rahul became an addict and started committing petty crimes like chain snatchings.
"After coming out of jail within few months, he again started snatching gold chains," said the DCP.
The other accused Anil, police said, was first arrested in 2008, after he committed a theft of gold ornaments from his own house to elope with his girlfriend.
He was caught and sent to jail for a few months. After being released, he came to know that his girlfriend had married someone else.
This led him to depression and he too became an addict.
Soon, their addiction made Rahul and Anil friends, and both began committing house thefts, burglaries and chain snatchings to get money to buy drugs.
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