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To curb graft, 1700 inspections carried out in police stations

To curb graft, 1700 inspections carried out in police stations

New Delhi: In order to keep an eye on its own personnel, Delhi Police conducted more than 1,700 inspections in various police stations and 193 surprise checks at various intersections of the city in three years.

The Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch attended more than 3,000 calls related to harassment, inaction or corruption. According to Delhi Police data, in 2018 as many as 87 surprise checks were conducted by the Special Surveillance Teams of Vigilance branch at various intersections in the city.

In 2017, 57 and 2016, 49 checks were conducted. "The purpose was to check by surprise, the performance of visible wings of Delhi Police such as traffic, PCR vans and beat officers in order to detect any irregular public dealing involving corruption," Delhi Police said.

Police stations have the maximum of public handling and that is where any malafide action by policemen seriously affects the image of police. Keeping this in mind, the Vigilance unit conducted 764 surprise checks in various police stations last year. "In 2016, 494 and in 2017, 504 checks were conducted in police stations," said Delhi Police report.

Police claimed that the 24X7 Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch continued with its prompt response to complaints of corruption or misdeed lodged by citizens against any police personnel. During three years, 3,790 calls pertaining to allegations of harassment, inaction or corruption were attended to by the Flying Squad. "In the year 2018, 1238 calls, while in 2017, 1384 and in 2016, 1168 calls were received by the squad," added the report.

In the year 2016, 616 and in 2017, 585 personnel were placed under suspension for various commissions and ommissions. "In 2016, 437 and in 2017, 299 policemen were awarded major punishments including 109 and 59 dismissals and over 1800 police personnel got minor punishment of censure," police said.

In the year 2018, the Delhi Police conducted 472 vigilance enquiries against police personnel. According to the investigating agency, as many as 433 police personnel were placed under suspension for various commissions and omissions. Last year, disciplinary action was taken against 2,069 police personnel including 92 inspectors, 425 sub-inspectors, 361 assistant sub-inspectors, 417 head constables, 773 constables and one MTS. According to investigating agency, there is complete zero-tolerance against corruption and aberrations. Bi-monthly performance assessment of SHOs is done by city police.

"There is tasking of division and beat staff to keep surveillance on criminal's resident and operating in their area," police said adding that prompt action was taken on dereliction in crime control, surveillance over known criminals, and integrity complaints.

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