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Through videos on social media, AAP will explain needs of full statehood to Delhiites

Through videos on social media, AAP will explain needs of full statehood to Delhiites

NEW DELHI: To explain the needs of full statehood in Delhi the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has started focusing on videos and social media. The party

has already announced candidates for all seven Delhi seats and the candidates with their teams are spreading these videos to the people.

"We are making these videos to simplify the issue of full statehood. When we are going door to door for the campaign we find that in spoken words sometimes people do not understand the issue. That's why we thought of making these small explanatory videos and the feedback is positive," said a leader. In this video, the makers are mostly taking up different issues related to full statehood and also bringing some characters to act on these videos. "Visual media is faster and also it has a larger reach. In some cases we play these videos at Mohallah Sabhas by putting big screens" said a leader.

The party is also using various social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter to post these videos. "In the ground level there are many Whatsapp groups to interact with our volunteers and we are sharing these video in those groups. We have also requested the individuals to share the videos with there friends and in this way the circulation is taking place," a leader said.

On the other hand, the social media teams of the AAP also planned to spread videos, explainers, pictures and quotes on the same issues. For social media, the party has also found out various old video clips of leaders from BJP and Congress where they have promised to give full statehood to Delhi. According to the sources the party is also experimenting with various hashtags for the social media to spread the information about the fight across the spectrum. Earlier, Gopal Rai showed various clippings of BJP leaders saying that the party would like to bring full statehood.

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