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Three held for robbing accountant in moving cab

New Delhi: Sharing a cab with other passengers to the same destination without booking could prove costly.
Kaushal Kumar, an accountant working for a South Delhi-based company realised this after he was kidnapped in a Wagon R by three men who posed as driver and passengers going towards Badarpur from Okhla Industrial area.
Unsuspected Kaushal sat inside the cab thinking that other passengers are also going to the same destination and he would share the fare.
"However, after a distance of 200-300 meters Kaushal was overpowered by fellow passengers and driver at knife point.
"The accused persons took the vehicle towards Malviya Nagar. They asked the victim to sit quietly and also threatened him of dire consequences if he ever tried to resist them. On the way between they robbed one Lenovo laptop, one Nokia mobile, one ATM Card and Rs 4,650 from complainant and tried to withdraw cash from an ATM booth in Malviya Nagar," said Chinmoy Biswal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South East) onWednesday.
Kaushal took a calculated risk and typed wrong PIN number in the ATM which irked the kidnappers and they started beating Kaushal.
He was later dumped near G-Block, Saket.
"The complainant was able to note the partial details and could remember only last two digits of the number. With this clue we investigated several vehicles with similar ending numbers.
"After initial setbacks, we eventually figured out that the car was driven with Uber and the owner has given the car to one Rehan, who lived in Okhla Mandi," Biswal said.
Later, after Rehan was interrogated his two associates, Ranjan Singh and Ravi Sharma, were also arrested from Jaitpur.
The weapon of offence – the knife and robbed money Rs 3,300 cash, Lenovo laptop, Nokia mobile phone and Wagon R Cab and two bikes were recovered from them.
They planned to rob innocent passengers who used to wait for auto and buses in the late evening hours by picking them up from crowded places.
Rehan used to drive the cab and other two posed as passengers and the driver first asked the passenger waiting his destination and would say that the cab is going to that destination only.
Thus, the passengers would believe them and agree to go on sharing basis. Once the victim comes in the cab they robbed the passenger on knife point in an isolated area.
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