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This new year ambulance or bicycle may be used to ferry liquor in city

New Delhi: It can be a self-made ambulance, high-end cars or bicycle which might be used for the supply of illicit liquor in the Capital for the upcoming New Year as the Delhi Police prepared themselves to bust different modus operandi of illicit liquor supply.
Starting from Sangam Vihar area, the area had witnessed more than 50 cases of illicit liquor paddling and most of them solved with more than 5,877 liters illicit liquor being seized. Police sources told The Millennium Post that different type of modus operandi has been used - one being used of social media platform like WhatsApp which came to light after the arrest of a man in October. He had disturbed his phone number in the area and was giving home delivery of liquor. In another case, two law students were arrested. They used to sell the foreign made costly liquor in high ends car. They claimed that they used to sell in Bar and Pubs which is been investigated by police.
The team of Sangam Vihar led by SHO Upendra Singh had also curbed the sale of Indian made liquor in the area. "There were several complaints of fight or other violence among the family due to liquor consumption, we curbed the supply of liquor now the complain had decreased," said a senior police official. The police officer suspects that in upcoming New Year the illegal liquor supplier will be using high-end cars. They can also use the bicycle for supplying the liquor and tried to dodge police investigation. "They can also supply to the consumer through by foot," said a police official.
Another police station Neb Sarai worked out 38 cases under 33 Excise Act in the year 2017 and seized more than 3000 liters of illicit liquors. Led by Kuldeep Singh (SHO) the police team had arrested 40 persons in this regard. According to police sources before New Year the demand for the liquor increased which gave chance to criminals to earn the profit so they used different techniques. They used the time when fog is there and also the carrier of the illegal liquor changed, the liquor is been hide in the vegetable truck. Police also suspect that the accused can supply it through self-made ambulance to dodge police. Sometimes from liquor godown, people stole liquor and sell it in the market
The police personnel of Fatehpur Beri arrested 26 persons who were involved in the sale of liquor and registered 20 cases under 33 Excise Act. Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Romil Baaniya stated that they coordinate with other States police station and also heightened the security at bordering areas to curb the supply of illicit liquor.''Illegal liquor supplier can use different vehicles for the supply we conduct random checkings," said the DCP.
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