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This govt believes in monologue, not dialogue: Anurag Kashyap at Jamia

This govt believes in monologue, not dialogue: Anurag Kashyap at Jamia

New Delhi: "This government believes in monologue and not dialogue, it was shut its ears to the voices of dissent," said Anurag Kashyap while addressing the protesters at Jamia Millia Islamia on Friday evening.

The Bollywood director who has been a vocal voice of dissent in India came to Jamia Millia where he received a warm welcome from students and other protestors amidst heavy media presence.

"The government is testing our patience, it wants protestors to wear off and give up and is waiting for that day. We have to continue the fight and get back our Constitution, our country and this will happen in this way only when people will come to roads but in a non-violent way," he said.

Anurag also said that the statements of the government and those in power are contradicting each other and hence have raised suspicion of the intentions of the government.

"The government says that why people are protesting as there is no need for residents of India to panic. However, the Home minister says something contradictory, others say something else. We now know the pattern of the government and hence we don't believe their words. The government has to prove by their actions," Kashyap said.

Jamia has entered into 64 days of its protest.

Anurag then went to Shaheen Bagh and tasted the biryani there. In the Delhi elections campaign, BJP did try to weave a campaign around Shaheen Bagh and its 'Biryani'.

Kashyap tasted the biryani amidst cheers from the protestors and the flashes of camera clicking pictures.

The protesters of Shaheen Bagh have also paid homage to the martyrs of Pulwama attack by lighting candles in their memory amidst the patriotic songs remembering the fateful day the attack took place last year.

As the day coincided with Valentine's Day, the protestors of Shaheen Bagh also invited the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the protest site with banners and placards in their hands reading "Modi tum kab aaoge,"

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