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They risked their lives to save people

New Delhi: Munni Begum was standing outside her house just meters away from the Kondli canal when she heard a huge explosion. As she raised her glance, she saw a horrific sight that is shown in natural disaster thriller. Huge mountain of garbage was tumbling down sweeping with it the overflowing water in the canal. The water and the garbage flushed the motorists on the road that separates Kondli canal with a drain.
"I could not believe my eyes when water and garbage flushed men on bikes and cars into the drain. They were crying for help. Without wasting a second, I ran to get ropes from my house. I rushed inside the drain to rescue the girl and the men inside the drain," said Munni Begum
She along with some other men quickly got into the drain trying their level best to save the injured and drowning.
"We took out some of them before the help arrived. However, since it was very deep, we could not rescue all of them," she said showing her wet feet and clothes to the Millennium Post Correspondent.
Munni was not alone who dared to step in the drain to save human life, another local from Gazipur Afsar Ansari too jumped in to save the stranded motorists. Afsar's cousin Ayub was driving the cab that got flushed inside the drain.
"There was no time to waste, they were asking for help and I plunged in. It was later, I realised it was the car of my uncle's son Ayub. Thanfully he is saved, " said Afsar.
The locals say that they haven't seen something like this in their life and ever imagined that the huge heap of garbage will turn into a disaster claiming lives.
"We are scared now seeing what has happened. Even our houses are meters away from the drain we fear for our safety now," said Nadeem, a local resident.

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