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There were many inconsistencies in Apoorva's statement: Police

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Wednesday said that after killing her husband, Apoorva Shukla, the wife of Rohit Shekhar, told the family members that he was sleeping. The investigating agency said that the accused cooked up several stories, but she got puzzled in all and later confessed the crime.

According to police, on April 16 in the afternoon Ujjawla Tiwari (Rohit Shekhar mother) asked about her son when Apoorva replied that he was sleeping as he goes to sleep very late. "No one tried to wake Rohit Shekhar the next morning because he had insomnia. Everyone thought he was sleeping as he would wake up late usually," said investigators. As per the sequence of events, Rohit Shekhar had dinner with his mother and other relatives at their home in Delhi. Later on, the same night, Rohit and Apoorva had a chat with Ujjawala Tiwari (Rohit's mother). After which both husband and wife went sleep. An investigator told Millennium Post that after the registration of murder case, they started questioning Apoorva who first told them that she loved Rohit.

"We took the statement of seven persons in the house and later we corroborated all and found lots of inconsistency," said the investigator.

Later the investigators came to know about the sour relation between husband-wife, based on which Apoorva and other family members were questioned altogether. Gradually, the Police found out that the statements of Apoorva were different than that of family members. More than 100 questions were put in front of Rohit's wife and other family members.

"Another story was cooked by her with several discrepancies. The circumstances of the incident were totally different from the first story and later, after several fake stories, she confessed the murder," said the investigators.

The police said that Apoorva Tiwari had fought on the night of April 15 as well. She killed him around 1 AM on April 16. Rohit Tiwari was brought dead to a hospital in New Delhi's Saket area on April 16.

His autopsy report said Rohit Tiwari died of asphyxia as he was strangulated and smothered.

Officers also went through footage from CCTV cameras installed in and around the house to ascertain the sequence of events and track people who entered the house.

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