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Theft, burglary, snatching a menace in Ggn; over 80% of 200 cases in January unsolved

Gurugram: Many people living in Gurugram often complain about feeling insecure while roaming in the city's streets.
However, of late, the threat to residents of the city are spread to their own houses.
Keeping with the trends last year, cases of theft, burglary and snatching have not ebbed in 2018 either.
According to Gurugram Police data, in January this year, over 150 incidents of theft and burglary were reported.
While an average of five cases reported each day is a matter of concern, what is more disturbing is that 64 of these cases were reported from homes.
Burglars are often seen targeting homes in the city and successfully looting them.
Despite the Haryana government making snatching a non-bailable offence, 46 snatching cases were officially registered last month.
Among these, 33 cases were registered under the more stringent Section 379-B of the Indian Penal Code, while 13 were registered under Section 379-A.
More worrisome is the fact that 80 per cent of all the theft, burglary and snatching cases are still unsolved.
Snatchings are not only reported from desolate areas, but even from crowded parts of the city.
One of the biggest impediments is the lack of filing of FIR in most cases.
There are also problems in identifying the accused, as snatchers normally target their victims in groups.
Recently, a person accused of snatching a phone from a women was let off by the court due to lack of evidence.
Snatchers seemingly do not stop their activities after being caught by the police.
Most culprits continue to indulge in snatching and progress towards more sinister crimes, such as burglary, kidnapping and murder.
"Snatching is a stepping stone for them to enter into big crime," said an official from Gurugram Police.
Even burglary cases are becoming more brazen by the day.
In a case on February 9, robbers broke a grill of a house in Sun City area and stole of lakh of rupees worth of valuables while the residents were asleep.
This happened two days after a trader, who was carrying Rs 4.6 lakh, was robbed in broad daylight.
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