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Temperatures yet to cross 40-deg C, water crisis hits parts of Gurugram

Gurugram: Water crisis has begun to affect parts of Gurugram even as temperatures are expected to cross 40 degrees Celsius. Taking cognisance of the situation even the High Court has expressed concerns over the issue.

There are complaints that posh areas of DLF Phase-1, Sushant Lok and Palam Vihar have already begun to get less supply of water. Areas of the city closer to the city are still witnessing wide-scale development and in most of these areas the water level has fallen down as low as 150 metres.

Gurugram has witnessed a constant reduction in water bodies and matter has been made worse with the exploitation of groundwater reserves. In 1974 where the ground water in Gurugram could be traced at six meters below, the ground level today has fallen down to levels of 40 meters.

Around 40 per cent of Gurugrammers are still dependent on the groundwater for their water supply. Water scarcity in large parts of the city has resulted in the growth of tanker mafia where water is being sold to the residents at exorbitant rates. Most of the residents complain that they are forced to pay the amount ranging from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 to the private water tankers.

Even as the court has banned digging of illegal bore wells, over 15,000 illegal bore have been dug up in the city. In most of the areas in the city, the groundwater has fallen to levels of 50 metres. The alarming decline in water levels in the city was also brought up by the National Green Tribunal.

The challenge towards the renewal of falling groundwater reserves in the city can be gauged from the fact that over 180 out of 300 water harvesting pits under the Gurugram civic body are defunct. The figures came from the survey that was sanctioned by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG). The Non-productive use of such pits further increases as water harvesting units in various private colonies and HUDA sectors have also not been effectively utilised. Over 500 water harvesting pits are expected to be here in the city.

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