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Targeting houses under construction, robbers arrested in Gurugram

Targeting houses under construction, robbers arrested in Gurugram

Gurugram: The Gurugram police on Monday achieved a major breakthrough when it captured members of a dreaded gang who used to target under construction houses and buildings in the city.

Most of the robberies used to take place in the Golf course extension area where the constructions used to take place.

According to the law enforcement officials the accused have confessed that they were able to hold at least five of the guard's hostage and in the process they ha stolen the stuff valued to be around a crore.

All those arrested are from Gurugram. The law enforcement officials arrested eight members of this gang. As of now the leader of the gang has not been arrested.

The members on the basis of the local weapons used to first target the guards securing the area and then steal stuff like construction materials and other valuables from the site.

"For long we had been receiving complaints that how under construction buildings in the city were the new targets. The modus operand of the gang was simple they used to first survey the under construction house that was being guarded by a single guard. Then on the basis of strength, weapons and numbers, they used to subjugate the guard and commit theft," said a senior official from Gurugram police.

The dangers of increased incidents of robbery continue to be a major challenge for law enforcement officials as it continues to witness an upward trend.

"Robberies have been a major law and order problem in the city. However, the biggest concern is most of these criminals are targeting houses even in the daylight and are also successful in their attempt. Ironically, not only are these people targeting wealthy houses but even the middle classes are not secure," said Ranjit Dhawan, a city resident.

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