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Take strict action against fraudulent enrolment in Aadhaar: PHQ to officers

New Delhi: Tough days are coming for the fraudsters who fraudulently enroll themselves in Aadhaar in the national Capital.

The Delhi Police Headquarters (PHQ) had written to senior officers to take appropriate action against such practices.

Sources told Millennium Post that the letter written to all Special Commissioner of Police in which PHQ had mentioned regarding letter received from Special Secretary (Home) Government of NCT Delhi along with its encloses letter from Ministry of Home Affairs foreign division with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for dealing cases of deactivation (suspension) of Aadhaar number of illegal migrants and fraudulent enrolments which is self explanatory for taking appropriate action in the matter.

According to a letter written by MHA, they directed a copy of SOP for dealing with cases of deactivation (suspension) of Aadhaar number of illegal migrants and fraudulent enrolments as received from Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for information and necessary


The letter further reads that UIDAI in the past has received the number of cases from Central/State ministries, FRRO/FRO, state police, law enforcement agencies or other Central/State departments for deactivation of Aadhaar issued to foreign nationals on the grounds that these Aadhaar numbers have been obtained by them while they were illegal immigrants or overstayed visa period in India.

In light of such cases, it is necessary to devise a mechanism to tackle such cases for which SOP has been

framed. The letter further reads that for the deactivation of Aadhaar ministries and all the agencies shall approach UIDAI Regional Offices (ROs) located at eight different locations. All such cases which appear to have been enrolled with fraudulent methods fall within the purview of Regulation 27 (1) (iv) of Aadhar (enrolment and update) regulations 2016 under which Aadhar shall be cancelled.

The letter further reads that except the situation where police have filed a charge sheet and the court verdict has been given, an independent enquiry has to be conducted by concerned RO and based on the recommendations of RO, the decision shall be taken by UIDAI HQ for deactivation of such Aadhaars.

During the enquiry by RO, if any fraudulent enrolment/update is detected, in that case, there may be a need of filing FIR by UIDAI but FIR shall be filed only after approval of UIDAI HQ, through Enforcement Division.

Deactivation of Aadhaar (s) covered under the SoP shall not result in an automatic activation post update by the resident. Accordingly if upon receipt of the required documents/justification, RO is satisfied that the situation which led to the deactivation of Aadhaar as per above grounds has changed then on the recommendation of RO, Aadhaar may be re-activated.

Sources said that the letter was sent to all DGPs, Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary (Home) of all State Governments, Union Territory administrations and FRROs in 13 states.

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