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Switch Delhi: 'Overwhelming support from youth in last leg'

New Delhi: The last leg of the 8-week-long Switch Delhi campaign that focused on sensitizing Delhi's youth on the benefits of electric vehicles and Delhi's EV policy saw a large participation of youth in the campaign, the Delhi government said on Sunday in a statement. Students and activists came forward in large numbers to support the campaign and help spread the message to the rest of the

city's youth to pledge to make their first vehicle an electric one, it said.

In one of the interactions involving government officials and student and youth stakeholders, Trisha Pavagadhi, student and member, Enactus Hansraj said, "The Delhi government has an extremely organised approach towards this initiative and they're working towards promoting EVs amongst youth is commendable. It is important for the youth to turn this campaign into a mass movement to inspire the rest of the country in making sustainable choices."

Student environmentalist Aditya Dubey, in one other such interaction, said, "The transportation sector is one of the main sources of PM 2.5 emissions in Delhi and contributes to around 22 per cent of air pollution. Electric Vehicles are environment-friendly, futuristic, and have a low total cost of operation as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. It is the duty of every citizen to switch to

electric vehicles more so now when the Delhi government has launched very attractive subsidies on the purchase of electric vehicles."

He added, "The youth need to be at the forefront of this campaign to switch to EVs, as we will have to suffer drastic consequences of climate change in the future. So, let's take the Switch Delhi pledge that we will switch to EVs immediately, or at least ensure that our next car, is an electric vehicle."

The campaign will continue to engage with different stakeholders in Delhi to make the Chief Minister's vision of making Delhi the EV capital a success, the Delhi government's statement added.

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