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Summer blast in Gurugram: Overheating of transformers result in power outages

Gurugram: The infrastructure of the power department has not been able to keep up with the excessive load. Glitches in the transformers are resulting in power outages in many areas.

In some areas, power failure is ranging to more than 12 hours in various places in the city. Most of the residents have got used to inverters, diesel generators or worse candlelights.

However, failure of the state-run electricity department yet again has resulted in an open expression of disappointment and anger over poor infrastructure at the public forum.

Areas that were adversely affected included Sushant –Lok, South-City, DLF Phase-3 Palam Vihar and sectors of New Gurugram.

While it is estimated that three crore units of power daily will be used in the city this time, the city is every time surpassing the record.

"Every summer there is a problem of power cuts in Gurugram. Besides power cuts, we also have to deal with issues like the voltage fluctuation and tripping due to the increased power load. While there has always been an announcement made of enhancing the power infrastructure in the city, each time it falls flat due to the lackadaisical attitude by the officials of DHBVN," said Sudhir Arora, a city resident.

Even as the electricity board officials claim that all the burnt cables and transformers have been rectified, the same problem has not only appeared but has become worse in the last few days.

There have been reports that glitches in the transformers have resulted in power outages of over 20 hours in areas of Sector-40 and Palam Vihar.

In times when the temperature in the city is ranging to more than forty-five degrees, it is not only the increased power cuts but also low voltage supply that is irking the citizens of Gurugram.

With the transformers of the city electricity board unable to bear heavy electricity overload, most areas in the city are receiving a voltage supply of around 150-180 volts.

The officials of the city electricity board highlight that heavy electricity overload is resulting in a large number of cases of blasting of power cables that further results in power outages.

There are also large numbers of complaints being registered of fluctuations in electric current resulting in most of the electrical appliances getting spoilt on a regular basis.

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