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Students to be made aware on health hazards of firecrackers, SC told

NEW DELHI: School students would be made aware of the environmental and pollution hazards due to the unchecked bursting of firecrackers, the Delhi government told the Supreme Court. The govt aims to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali by making students the ambassadors who would instil such changes.
Taking up the matter with the Supreme Court, the government said that they had a detailed plan of action in place in order to sensitise school-going children about the negative effects of firecracker pollution in order to develop a sense of responsibility among students and school staff.
"All the activities are designed and scheduled to develop a sense of responsibility in students and staff members towards saving the environment by being ambassadors of change and celebrating Diwali in innovative ways and to make it green and eco-friendly," the Delhi government said in an affidavit.
The government told the apex body that it has issued circulars to all government, government-aided, unaided schools, the Delhi Cantonment Board and all municipal authorities regarding the issue.
Day wise activities on this scheme – like talks in assembly, Diya making/painting, debates, skits, poster making, essay writing – are being undertaken by all schools and through eco-clubs. The government noted that prior to the implementation of the detailed 15 days action plan, circulars on similar lines were issued on August 24 and August 30.
The government wanted to sensitise students and staff members of all government and government-aided schools towards environmental pollution and health hazards respectively owing to an extensive bursting of crackers, unsparingly detrimental to all.
According to the sources, this was aimed to fight the environment pollution in Delhi. The reports of deteriorating air quality have already started coming and the government wanted to deal the matter properly. A senior official said that school children mostly use the firecrackers so teaching them regarding the ill effect would be helpful. The officials added that banning firecrackers would not be the only solutions as people will buy them by some other means. In this case, the awareness would be the best, the official said. After discussing the matter with the education department the environment department may also increase the duration of the awareness campaign. Environment minister Imran Hussain is likely to address a high-level meeting on this issue.
It also noted that a message from the L-G will be published across newspapers and circulated at schools to minimise the bursting of firecrackers.
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