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Stop being 'Bharatiya Jhagda Party': Dy CM

Stop being Bharatiya Jhagda Party: Dy CM

New Delhi: As the word of wars over the home delivery of dry ration to beneficiaries in Delhi escalated, the BJP-ruled Central government brought out Union IT and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Food Minister Piyush Goyal as the former alleged this scheme was an excuse to collude with the "ration mafia" and the latter asking the government to just implement the One Nation, One Ration Card scheme and be done with it.

However, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was quick with his comeback, sharing a report on Prasad's comments on Twitter and saying, "Today, people need leadership at the Centre that does not indulge in abusing state governments but one that works with everyone. The country will only progress when 130 crore people, state governments and the Centre work as Team India. So much abuse is not good."

Soon, CM Kejriwal's Deputy, Manish Sisodia also issued a public statement condemning the remarks of the Central ministers. The Education Minister of Delhi said the BJP should be expanded as "Bharatiya Jhagda Party", adding that this government's single-point agenda has been to abuse opposition parties that do not support it.

Without taking Prasad's name, Sisodia said a senior minister from the Central government had attacked Delhi CM regarding the city's oxygen management, ration distribution etc.

Sisodia alleged that all BJP leaders address the media once a day to "abuse" Kejriwal instead of speaking on "pertinent topics related to India's development, vaccine management or the people of this nation".

"They will either condemn the West Bengal government or the Jharkhand government or the Maharashtra government. It seems that the BJP-led central government has no other work but to divert focus of people and attack state governments that are actually doing some work," he alleged during an online briefing.

Referring to recent instances where the Supreme Court intervened in matters related to board exams and oxygen shortage, he claimed that the Centre only works after the apex court raps it.

"Why were the Boards cancelled only when the Supreme Court stepped in?... It was only when the Supreme Court intervened that the Centre woke up to our demand for vaccines," he said.

"People elected Bharatiya Janata Party and not Bharatiya Jhagda Party. Please don't become Bharatiya Jhagda Party. Obstructing the work of state governments and slamming them will not result in the development of the nation. Central government should cooperate with state governments and I appeal to the Centre to not act as an obstructionist," he stressed.

The BJP's attacks against the Kejriwal government's home delivery of ration scheme are single-pronged. Their argument is that allowing such a policy would result in food grains being lost in transit and lakhs of people being swindled out of their rightful share by the ration mafia.

Using this as a plank, Prasad on Friday alleged that the Delhi government was somehow "under the control of ration mafia".

"If grains are home-delivered, people will not get to know how much of it is going where and how much of it might have disappeared on the way, Prasad said, while attacking the Delhi government for not implementing the "One nation one ration card" scheme and not connecting its ration shops with electronic point of sale (EPOS) machine to "evade" accountability.

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