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Statehood issue will be the biggest game changer: Rai

Statehood issue will be the biggest game changer: Rai

NEW DELHI: From the demand of full-statehood to the alliance of Congress, AAP Delhi convenor Gopal Rai talks exclusively to Sayantan Ghosh on the election campaign strategy of Delhi's ruling Aam Admi Party.

AAP is fighting this election with the key demand of the full statehood. Do you think general citizens will understand this demand?

The citizens in these past years have witnessed two major phenomena; one is the work of AAP-led government at the sectors of Education, health, water, power and others. Secondly, people also witnessed the obstruction politics of BJP-led Centre through its LG, hence people understands that the full statehood would be the only answer to this obstructions. Statehood issue will be the biggest game changer in the history of Delhi's state politics.

Apart from the demand for full statehood what all are would be your main issues for this election?

Full statehood is our prime demand and all the other four issues are connected to this demand. Apart from full statehood our primary demands are making higher education available to all the citizens, providing security to women, giving the house to every citizen and making employment the citizens. To explain these I will give some examples like the Delhi government has more than 2 lakh vacancy but we can't employ anyone. We want to give employment because Citizens are suffering and this can only happen if we get full statehood.

In terms of alliance with Congress, the AAP maintained that the party is not looking for any alliance but if Congress decides to make alliance then what will be AAP's strategy?

The AAP has already announced the candidates for the six seats and the remaining one will also be announced soon whereas the Congress or BJP is yet to decide the candidates. Our cadres are all set to campaign for the AAP. We are not bothered about what Congress is doing and we also believe that they have already delayed the whole process of the alliance. If they decide to form an alliance that's a speculative situation and the party cannot make an action plan based on any speculations.

In the last Lok Sabha election, CM Arvind Kejriwal could not give much time to campaign here as he was fighting himself from Varanasi. This time what are his plans?

CM Arvind Kejriwal has already announced that he will not fight and he will give his full time campaigning for Delhi and the other states from where AAP will fight. He is our chief campaigner and he himself is monitoring every strategy. We have planned a three tire campaign. Door to door campaign, big rallies and booth level campaigns.

There is also news that West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu and other opposition leaders will also come to Delhi to campaign for AAP. So is the party in talks with them?

We have already announced that the AAP is a part of the Mahagatbandhan and all the key leaders have given their support to us. This is a very hectic time for all the leaders so we believe that all the leaders will mainly focus on their own states. But if they get time to come and campaign here for us, then we will always welcome that because we all are all together.

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