South East Delhi cops round up troublemakers in public spaces

South East Delhi cops round up troublemakers in public spaces

New Delhi: More than 50 persons have either been questioned or detained from various areas of the Capital, who were either seemingly involved in suspicious and/or illegal activities, such as creating nuisance and drinking liquor in public places.

The action is part of a drive by Delhi Police, called 'Reclaiming Public Places', through which beat staff are making public places safe so that the residents, especially children and senior citizens, can peacefully spend time outdoors.

All police stations in South East Delhi have been going to parks and other public places, where they are questioning or detaining persons who are seen roaming around suspiciously or loitering in the area.

The move comes after Delhi Police found that illegal activities in the public spaces were becoming a threat for citizens, causing many people to avoid spending time outside.

The police have also written to concerned agencies if street lights are found to be not functional or walls have been broken in any park.

The drive, which was first started by South East Delhi Police in February, not only targets major parks in the district, but also smaller ones located inside residential areas.

During the drive, cops ask the whereabouts of suspicious people and also frisk them to check if they are armed.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South East) Chinmoy Biswal told Millennium Post that apart from foot patrolling, cops are also riding bicycles in the day and riding on motorcycles in the night.

'We have also taken action against public drinking, as between 250 and 300 cases were registered under the Excise Act, and action were taken against over 400 people,' said the senior police officer.

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