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Some secretly help those who are stranded amid lockdown

Some secretly help those who are stranded amid lockdown

NEW DELHI: At a time when the social media is flooded with photos of social workers who are seen distributing food packets to the needy amid the curfew after Prime minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-days lockdown, there are some people who are on streets secretly helping those who are stranded and are needy, without clicking a photo and without posting the pictures on internet.

Since the lockdown, several small WhatsApp group have come up for the relief of those who are poor and have no means to survive during this period. The information is being shared on WhatsApp and the volunteers who are professionals from different fields pool money to buy essential commodities like pulses, oil, sugar, rice, flour and biscuits to help the daily wagers.

"We cannot leave everything on the government. We had to do our bit and that's why we are extending a helping hand to the needy. Our little help at this time of difficulty could prove life saving for some," said a relief volunteer who did not wished to be named.

The situation aggravated when the labourers started migrating from Delhi, walking on foot to their hometown in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. What they lacked was food supplies.

"Helped some migrants with food today, which is the bare minimum we could do. Parents wanted photos to highlight their misery to the world and I just could not bring myself to do it. I was more ashamed of having to give charity than those receiving," one relief volunteer said.

Some said that clicking pictures of those in distress receiving food is uncalled for and it humiliates the poor people. Some had different opinion and believed that it inspires others to come forward and help.

In Jamia Nagar, there were some posters on the walls which read "call this number if you need food". The message was followed by a mobile number. Some men were also seen distributing food packets on bikes having poster saying "Need food, Come here". These anonymous men come to the poor, distribute food and then disappear in the lanes and bylanes of the capital.

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