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Some prisoners in Bhondsi jail test HIV positive

Gurugram: In what can prove to be a major challenge for law enforcement officials, the recent check-up among the inmates in Bhondsi jail have shown that many of them have contracted the AIDS virus. Three out of 400 prisoners who have been surveyed was found HIV positive. A total of 2,500 inmates are lodged in the jail located in Sohna and the fears have been expressed that if surveyed some more prisoners could be found with HIV virus.
While incidents of prisoners consuming drugs and using mobile phones are a major challenge for the law enforcement officials in Gurugram jail, the recent revelation can add to the problem. Criminals from as many as 6 dreaded gangs are presently being locked up in the city jail. These gangs include Manjeet Mahal gang, Kaushal gang, Kishan gang, Hayatpuri gang, Sandeep Gadoli gang and Binder Gujjar gang. Most of the members from these gangs have been charged under serious offences like extortion, burglaries and murders.
Not only in Gurugram but criminals of these gangs also have various cases filed in states of Haryana, Rajasthan Uttrakhand and Delhi.
The levels of danger of the gangsters operating from prison can be gauged from the fact that in September 2016, 32-year-old Sushma Rathi, wife of jailed Ashok Rathi, was shot dead by sharp shooters at Sohna Road while leaving her 10-year-old daughter to school. Ashok Rathi plotted the murder of his wife while being in jail. Angry over her affair with another person, Rathi had even threatened Sushma of dire consequences from the jail. Looking at the dangers of large number of these criminals carrying out these nefarious activities from the jail, Sumit Kumar DCP (Crime) Gurugram Police have written to the Tihar authorities asking them if some criminals can be transferred to the Delhi prison.
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