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Snatchers strike again; cases keep piling up in capital

New Delhi: With snatching incidents in Delhi reaching new heights every day, Delhi Police on Saturday added three more to the mounting pile of snatching-related cases, registering three FIRs in the matter pertaining to separate cases.

Three women in Anand Vihar, Mandir Marg, and Defence Colony fell victim to bike-riding thieves on Saturday, who snatched their handbags and other exposed valuables and dashed away from the spot.

Both the victims from Defence Colony and Anand Vihar had their bags stolen by the snatchers on a motorcycle while they were inside a moving autorickshaw.

Furthermore, the woman robbed in Mandir Marg had her gold chain snatched from her neck while standing at a busy crossing near Gole Market, less than a kilometre from the nearest police station.

In both cases, the rider kept a sharp focus on the road in order to be prepared for a quick getaway while the pillion rider focused on targeting victims at the appropriate time and


Cases like these highlight the ever-increasing plight of snatchings in Delhi, where it is just a matter of seconds before the snatchers hit their target and make a run for it, sometimes very close to police stations.

Delhi Police seems to be forever chasing snatchers because of advanced methods employed by them.

In fact, there have been several cases where petty criminals use stolen vehicles to rob people, making it more difficult for law enforcement to track them with the help of CCTV footage of their vehicles.

However, with the recent arrest of 10 snatchers who used stolen motorcycles to commit quick robberies, it would seem that police in Delhi are making considerable headway in this regard.

But considering the fact that up until March 31, there have been 1,562 cases of snatchings, with an average of at least 17 being reported on a daily basis, police in the Capital city might need to look at more than just making arrests in these kinds of street crime. While the police have left no stone unturned in setting up special teams dedicated to identify snatching-prone areas and picket checkpoints to spot such incidents, crime statistics show that the first 90 days of 2019, saw 55 more cases than the previous year.

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