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Sixth death due to swine flu this year

Gururgam: Even as temperatures in Gurugram has increased the challenge of Swine flu has not subsided. This year there has been a sixth death due to the H1N1 influenza virus.

According to sources, the deceased who was aged 71 years was also suffering from high blood pressure and Diabetes. Children and the elderly have been worse affected by Swine flu. Gurugram has recorded the highest number of swine flu cases in the last five years. According to government figures, the total cases are been registered at 100.

There have also been three deaths due to H1N1 influenza in Gurugram, a figure that has been acknowledged by the district health department. Moreover, there have been over 300 suspected. In comparison, the last time where there were such high cases of the disease was detected in 2014 when there was two died due to the virus. What made the matters worse according to doctors this year was a large number of patients who came from the neighbouring state of Rajasthan for improvement. Rajasthan in 2019 registered the highest number of cases of Swine flu.

Expressing optimism on the situation the doctors have said that now the cases have reduced with the increase in temperatures. "This year has been a challenging year. There were large cases that were registered this time. Most of the deaths that were reported were of those who had health complications in the past," said a senior doctor from the Gurugram health department. Having faced difficulties in tackling the large cases of HI1NI influenza virus, the health officials have now begun preparation.

"We have now begun to train our health and Asha workers to deal with dengue and malaria. We are better prepared and will be able to deal with the challenges," added the health official.

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